Write-Leaders / Speakers Package


Ghostwriting Package in Nigeria for Busy Speakers
If you are a Pastor, Thought-Leader, Podcaster or a Motivational Speaker of any sort, writing a book is the best thing you can do to raise your credibility in your chosen field.

Most of the best authors in the world did not actually write their own books themselves. These are  highly cerebral, intelligent professionals who were just too busy to write. Most of these authors are great public speakers who  passionate about the art of writing but limited by the resource of time.

Like most thought leaders, who speak more than they actually have time to write, you most definitely wish you could author a book so you can feed way more people than you currently do with your content. We understand your tight schedules and the fact that time seems never enough, which is why we’ve launched this package.

With Write-Leaders you have liberty to keep sharing your gift with the world while our exceptional writers (YOUR TEAM) turn them into books. We will transcribe, arrange, edit and send you a copy you can print. This in turn helps to build credibility, spread your viewpoints, build your platform in a fabulously new content format – YOUR BOOK.