Write-Book Ghostwriting Package

Ghostwriting (Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biographies, Autobiography, Memoir etc) Book Reviews and Extempore.


Do you have a message to pass to the world but have limited time and resources?

This package provides available contents for Ghostwriting (Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biographies, Autobiography, Memoir etc) Book Reviews and Extempore on any genre of literature.


  • Ghostwriting

(Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biographies, Autobiography, Memoir etc)

Ghostwriting involves writing literary/ journalistic pieces officially credited to another author. You must be wondering why you need a ghostwriter when you can probably get it done yourself, but our ghostwriting services are designed to help  you achieve your publishing goals more effectively and within the shortest period of time possible.

Ghostwriting is right for you, if you’re a busy business professional, public speaker, coach, or entrepreneur looking to position yourself for more opportunities, client engagements, authority, and recognition?

Our job is to help busy professionals write books that they can use to differentiate themselves from their peers and enhance their market positioning by turning their existing knowledge and content into a professionally-written book that is designed to help you achieve your desired market positioning.

If you are like most busy professionals, you have an abundance of knowledge. But you also have very little time.

Be it a fascinating life-story to tell, a tale of rags to riches or a triumph over adversity, everyone wants to share it with the world, but there’s always not enough time or motivation.
Our team of specialist ghostwriters are well equipped with all the required tools to achieve that milestone on your behalf as we take your readers on a journey into your world.

We offer a rare opportunity for you to work with our award-winning team of bestselling authors and publishers with several years of industry experience. From the planning to the moment you own ‘your’ work, we would give life to your ideas and make your publishing dreams come true.

  • Biographies

We have trained professional writers who would love nothing more than to take your readers on a journey into your world. Let’s recreate your experience and immortalize your memories so that you live on in the minds and hearts of men.


  • Book reviews

Reviews are directly proportional to sales. Our book review services are extremely top notch and would have readers hunting for your books in no time. Our professional writers would give a catchy and intriguing insight into your work, you’ll be left to see your own work in a different light.


  • Extempore

Extempore are emergency writings in form of articles, short stories, poetry or essays. This is often term ‘impromptu writing’.  Extempore writings mostly come in form of writing competitions which last for a period of 30 days at most. Some extempore competitions last for a period of two weeks.

Jetwriters offers exceptional extempore writing skills with readily available contents for any genre of literature.