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The Date!

We believe that the foundation of ghostwriting is the point of getting to know you better and become very familiar with your personal story and ideologies of life. This would help us relate to your story and understand how you wish to communicate your message to your audience, the language, diction and choice of words your audience can relate to.
We can meet on a schedule that absolutely works for you. After all, we serve you.
These meetings would come up in short spurts as we continue to work on your manuscript, for the sake of clarification.

At this stage, it is also essential that you send any material—perhaps a manuscript you’ve started, notes, lists, newspaper clippings, maps, diaries, photocopies of documents such as letters and certificates, and photographs. These would be reviewed for the purpose of learning how the puzzle pieces of your lifestory go together.

They might also serve as background info.


The Launch!

This is the immediate take off after having fuelled our pen with just about enough information about you to get started.

At this stage, we would have filled in the gaps and learned the links you see between the pieces of information you have shared.

Often, questions would arise, but you would find that these questions prompt an interesting and creative process of re-evaluation, providing you with new, or unexpected, insights about your life.

As the manuscript grows, you will receive chapters for review, and then you approve the pages or annotate the manuscript electronically or in hardcopy with changes and discuss them with us.

Your insight and point of view are constantly solicited and always stand at the core of the writing. Ultimately, the text is always subject to your approval.



Your vision for your story always prevails at the end, and the smiles on the faces of our clients are a testimony to this.

At this stage, our job is complete, and you are only one step away from being a published author!

However, we have charged ourselves with the responsibility of providing you with publishing services, whether online or in hardcopies.

In areas where you would need some of our other services, remember we are only a phone call away.

At Jetwriters, we maintain a long and lasting relationship with all of our clients, and we approach our businesses this way. Our job is to provide the writing expertise to make your story a coherent, interesting self-publish.

Working with you is just the beginning of greater heights and stronger bonds to be attained.


Giving great service requires the right people & the right service tools.


People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories & magic

– Seth Godin