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Being an entrepreneur can be so tasking at times; busy schedules, drawing out business plans and taking hundreds of courses to learn how to do it all by yourself. Why go through the hassle when we can handle it for you?
The Write-Biz package consists of readily customized contents for Business plans and proposals, Blog posts, Copywriting, Whitepaper and e-books, Brochures, Emails and newsletters, Professional profiles, Website content, Sales copies for pitch desk and slides, SEO content and Long-tail keywords, Sponsored posts, Curated Lists, etc.


Do you have a message to pass to the world but have limited time and resources?
Be it a fascinating life-story to tell, a tale of rags to riches or a triumph over adversity, everyone wants to share it with the world, but there’s always not enough time or motivation.
Our team of specialist ghostwriters are well equipped with all the required tools to achieve that milestone on your behalf as we take your readers on a journey into your world.

This package provides available contents for Ghostwriting (Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biographies, Autobiography, Memoir etc) Book Reviews and Extempore on any genre of literature.


We help advertisers strategically distribute their content using various channels, strategies and formats that resonate well with big and smart audiences to drive not just quantifiable, but also qualifiable business impact using the best content, technology, and distribution capabilities.

The Jet Branding package consists of readily customized contents for Sponsored posts, Brand Publishing, Advertising & Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding & Graphics, Rotate Advert, Amazon e-book publishing, Web content Management, Blog Post, Curated List etc.


We understand that you need to keep in touch with your audience and manage your brand’s public identity, but we also know this could be challenging.

If you’re having issues communicating with the world, the social media community, then Write-Media is designed just for you.

You can be rest assured that your media contents are top notch, while you channel your time into more productive areas.

The Jet Media package offers customized contents for Memes, Social Media Contents, Press Releases, Event Reports, Event Speeches and other kinds of PR Services.


Whether it’s detecting grammar or vocabulary errors, the placement of right punctuation, fixing problematic sentences, appropriate paragraphing, restructuring sentences, manuscript formatting or organizing the complete structure of your manuscript, audio files you intend to transcribe or foreign languages to translate, we provide a complete package that will make your book/content not only error-free but exciting to read.

Write-Edit offers you a proofreading and copy-editing service for all types of written materials, according to your requirements while you get the most grammatically acceptable Edited contents, Translations and Transcriptions.


If you want to be a professional writer or content strategist, or you run a business, then you need to be able to write creatively and effectively.

Writing is often a solitary business, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You don’t always have to outsource, when you can subscribe to this package for Consulting. We can also work with you to get your outline or treatment to the point where you can begin writing that article or your manuscript. Write Consult offers professional training and consultations for researchers, writers, editors, business owners, social media managers, executive students, and artisans in related fields.

If you also want to know about publishing your manuscript, how to market your book, how to write your own book, or if you intend to work in house but need to know a few things on how to go about it, this package was customized just for you.


If you are a Pastor, Thought Leader, Podcaster or a Motivational Speaker of any sort, writing a book is the best thing you can do to raise your credibility in your chosen field.

Like most thought leaders, who speak more than they actually have time to write, you most definitely wish you could author a book so you can feed way more people than you currently do with your content. We understand your tight schedules and the fact that time seems never enough, which is why we’ve launched this package.

With Write-Leaders you have liberty to keep sharing your gift with the world while our exceptional writers (YOUR TEAM) turn them into books. We will transcribe, arrange, edit and send you a copy you can print. This would in turn help to build credibility, spread your viewpoints and build your platform in a fabulously new content format – YOUR BOOK.