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Do I really have to write a book?

The truth is that everyone at some point in their lives, if not every day, have experienced remarkable and unforgettable experiences, good or bad, from which they’ve learned one or two things. And most times, when those experiences are bad, we wish we had had someone tell us how it’ll end eventually so that we would make the right decisions and choices.

Often times, we don’t get such people around us. It is also true that some mistakes that would have cost us dearly were curbed by some book we read somewhere.

At Jetwriters, we do not just see books as a compilation of papers with ink marks, we see them as compiled thoughts and experiences, magical psychology that could put an end to the line, ‘if only I knew’.

So when we write a book, we think about all of the people who could benefit from our words and experiences, good or bad. Your job is to think about all the people your book will help. Investors who will be able to retire more comfortably because they learned the best approaches from you. Business owners who will run more successful businesses, because of your consulting guidance. Children, grandchildren, and future generations who will benefit from the family stories you’ve captured in a memoir. Ignore the critics, because they don’t exist. Think about the people you’ll help. If you don’t write your book, they’ll never benefit from the hard-won knowledge you possess.

How long does it take to ghostwrite a book?

It depends. Factors that influence the timeline include how long you want your book to be, how much research it requires on our end, and how involved and responsive you are in the process. On average it takes between two and four months from when we begin for you to have your manuscript in your hands.

In general, the timeline is not fixed. Writing a realistic and relatable book can take anywhere from four weeks to six weeks, depending on the length of the book.

Even with the back and forth, some clients who already have a structured format, title, chapters get their manuscript in 4 weeks. Our team is experienced and fast. We can provide you with a customized timeline once we understand the scope of your project and we start working together.

How our Ghostwriting service works?

The process will be simple and fun. The first thing we will do is plan your book. We will discuss your business and business goals, as well as your goals for your book. Our team will coach you through this process to help you choose what will work best for your goals. After this, we take your knowledge and turn it into a book that is laser focused on your desired outcome. We can gather information from any number of sources, such as interviews with you, notes, outlines, white papers, articles, blogs, podcasts, and video or other audio recordings. The material is then organized and structured into your manuscript. This process is well developed and helps us capture your knowledge and voice.

Who owns the copyright or Intellectual property of the book?

Our standard fee includes all intellectual property so that you will own everything. This is spelled out in our services contract so it’s completely clear.

Will our relationship be 100% confidential?

Absolutely. we can assure you that our relationship will be confidential, as detailed in our written ghostwriting agreement.

Having been in the content business for years now, we understand the concept of Ghostwriting, and all it entails. Your satisfaction is our pride, and to disappoint you would be to lose your trust and our integrity. You can be assured that your dealings and  with us are 100% confidential.

What kind of book should I write?

If you’ve been in any kind of career or business for any length of time, or if you are a thought leader of sorts, you probably have enough information in your head to fill multiple books. So the question is which book to write, right now. So, first, think of a book as a coming-out party. How do you want the marketplace to view you? What do you want to be known for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, what kind of clients would you want to attract? What are your minimum standards for new clients?

The best book to write right now is the one that addresses the niche audiences you serve and makes them view you as ‘worthy to be looked up to’. The best book to write is the one that makes you a hero in your niche.

It could be a memoir, a compilation of quotes around your experiences, or even a novel centered around the rights and wrongs of the world,.

So, if it’s going to put cash in your pocket right now, if it’s going to further cement your place as the go-to thought leader, it’s probably the right book for you.

What kind of book can your team write?

Professional ghostwriters are able to ghostwrite on a vast number of subjects without firsthand experience. However, because we are a group of Ghostwriters we have a huge cluster of experienced ghostwriters who have specific knowledge in relevant fields. We have produced ghostwriting for on a wide range of subjects and purposes.

We write all types of content, Fiction or nonfiction books, whether you’re a career or business professionals, speakers or coach, you know you can rely on us. We help our clients turn their stories, knowledge, and/or existing content into books that will help them get more opportunities, clients, and authority in their field.

From Pregnancy to Health, your Corporate Profile, Biographies, Memoirs, to topics around Leadership, Law, Politics, Customer Service, Finance, Education & Schooling, a business plan or proposal documents, Sales Training Manual or e-books, be rested assured we’ve got you covered.

Isn’t it too much work to write a book?

No. Not for our clients. It is indeed tasking and requires a high level of creativity, commitment and expertise. This is why you have us to take the burden off of you.

Do I have to be famous to be an author?

Nope. Having  a book makes you famous in your field. It is a Magical, Money-Making, Door-Opening Marketing Tool. Not the other way around.

If you really want the kind of book that is a marketing tool, then all you need is a great story to tell. We bet you have one, and if you think you don’t, call us to book a free session today.

Can you rewrite or paraphrase my Manuscript? Do you provide such services?

Yes. We can help you in rewriting your manuscript. We have helped clients to achieve good results by rewriting. Additionally, rewriting a manuscript is less time consuming and requires less interviewing sessions.

How many interviews are needed to provide all information to your team?

In about 3-4 sessions, we get the whole gist of your manuscript which helps us to create around 50 – 60,000 words approximately. However, the client can always approach us anytime in between.

Top reasons to hire Jetwriters for your next project

Content Writing can be overwhelming. You might have heard some writers say no matter the quantity, they are indeed the fastest, but the truth remains that very creative writers who deliver quality contents aren’t always the fastest. They are well committed and consistent, but great works that have the potentials to stir deep emotions and motivation takes time to build.


It’s possible that you’ve considered hiring a writer, or have even gone far enough as to search for one, only stopping out of fear of potentially harming your credibility and business, or even what your audience might think if you get it wrong.

You’ve most likely asked yourself severally what would become of your career if you choose the wrong person or firm to create the right content for you?

But how about you choose the perfect firm for all of your contents? A firm that is not only bold and creative, but is also knowledgeable and knows how to make your business approachable to any potential client.

If you’re interested in freeing up some valuable time in your schedule to find a true partner for your business, then Jetwriters is one quality ghostwriting firm in Africa that would give you the confidence you truly need to aim for success.

We are not new the world of ghostwriting, and we have created top notch and recommendable contents for multiple thought leaders across various industries, sealing investment deals and promoting new business startups.

You must understand that ghostwriting goes beyond writing stories within the book-publishing industry and hardcopies. Jetwriters also focuses on ghostwriting contents for any type of business or personal brand-building content. (Glance through our services and packages for this)

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Other Questions

Can you help with Graphics and other related works

Yes. We can help you with everything you need to create and market a book. Our parent company, Jetheights and our team at Jetwriters has top-notch professionals, from copy editors, graphic designers, layout engineers, literary agents, self-publishing solutions, and professional public relations, we also have great relationships with small and large publishers. We can build a custom package that includes any number of these services and guide you throughout the entire process.

What other Tech related services do you render?

Jetwriters is a subsidiary of Jetheights, One of Africa’s leading Web, Media and Digital Marketing Agencies proffering world-class solutions; Responsive Website experience, e-commerce solutions, Mobile Apps, Brand Identity, Publishing and Advertising, Content writing and Marketing, Social Media and Digital Marketing Services for forward-thinking businesses and brands using growth hacking tools and trusted technologies to increase sales, improve ROI and make your brand unforgettable. Jetheights is your one-stop shop for all your IT solutions need.

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