About Our Company

We are Africa’s one-stop Content Development shop and Nigeria’s No.1 Ghostwriting Agency. A subsidiary of Jetheights Services.

Our goal is to make your writing dreams come true in the shortest span of time possible by helping professionals, captains of industries, celebrities, individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders and corporate entities who want to establish authority in their fields, get more publicity, and get discovered while telling your stories.

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  • Business Plan & Proposals
  • Copywriting
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  • Website Content & Blogging
  • Biographies
  • SEO Content
  • Hosted & Sponsored Content
  • Branding
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  • Editing & Transcription
  • E-book publishing

Our Mission

Our focal objective is to foster the professional advancement of writers, attain ground-breaking and effective communication all through the literary system, and to create an environment where written and unwritten literature under any conditions, can be appreciated by the general populace.

We hope to tell your story in a way that transforms lives, and leaves the world a better place. With our passion, dedication and your ideas, we hope to take the world on a very long journey of reformation.


Having been in the content business for years now, we understand the concept of Ghostwriting, and all it entails. Your satisfaction is our pride, and to disappoint you would be to lose your trust and our integrity. You can be assured that your dealings and  with us are 100% confidential.

Payment Plans: We have a variety of payment plan options as per your convenience.
Services Offered: From planning to editing and publishing, we cater to all your writing needs.
Finest Literary Usage: Our ghostwriters are instilled with a powerful tool of literary language that is both attractive and technical.
Secure Ownership: You remain protected with our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement at all times.

We are Jetwriters, and we are that brand you can trust.

Career People

Being a career person is absolutely hectic, especially if you follow the usual 9-5 daily routine. You wake up so early, rack your brain on how to deliver at work, get home so late, perhaps after spending hours stuck in traffic and all you want to do is crash. Within this busy routine of yours, you simply have no time at all to yourself. You barely have the time to think up some plot, talk more of penning it down, but here is where we come in.

24/7 we are dedicated to you making your writing dreams come through. All you need is a few sessions with us, and we would kick start your very own masterpiece. In no time, you would be the author that you truly deserve to be.


We understand how tight your schedule is, trying to build your own empire and learning to do it all by yourself.

This is why we have decided to take the burden off you. From your business plans and proposals to your brochures, emails, speeches, professional profiles, proposals, reports, memos and newsletters, we’ve got you covered.

Why do it when we can do it for you?

Captains of Industries

As captains in various sectors, it is naturally expected that you make contributions to the world, and most importantly to improve the lives of people. This is no easy task for one man, and that is why we provide top notch services that would help you achieve this in many ways you never thought possible.

With Jetwriters to help you boost productivity, provide employment opportunities; aid your acts of philanthropy and expansion of various sectors, you can be sure to improve more lives than one.


Whether you’re a spiritual or thought leader, your work involves giving more of you every single time. It requires commitment, dedication and time to develop yourself, for you truly cannot give what you do not have.

Squeezing out time from your very busy schedule is near impossible. However, our aim is to assist you in creating a means to further reach your audience. We provide writing services that would help keep your words and administrations fresh in the minds of your audience, either through audio transcriptions or readily available content converters.


Owning a business means being readily available to serve, regardless of the situation.

Having being in business for over 10 years, we have the knowledge as well as experience, to help entrepreneurs all over the world to boost their brands or businesses, and we are more than willing to show you the way and lead you through the path to success.

Our PR services are designed to boost your reach and enhance your sales at any level you wish to attain. From content development to sales copy, copywriting and brand publicity, Jetwriters would come through.

Ghostwriting is the writing solution for all types of writing.