Contrary to what most people believe, not many people who write books are captains of industries or thought leaders. Most are simply lovers of literature who love nothing more than to share their thoughts, stories and experiences with any one who loves to down fine wine.

But if you are a career person, or you’ve been into business for any length of time, or perhaps you are a thought leader of some sorts, you probably have enough information in your head to fill multiple books. So the question is ‘what book to write, right now’.

So, first, think of a book as a launch into the market. How do you want the marketplace to view you? What do you want to be known for?

As an entrepreneur, the kind of clients you want to attract and your minimum standards for new clients would determine the kind of content your book would contain. It should be the kind that makes you a hero in your niche, a ‘go-to-for-answers person’. For instance, a fashion designer with a plausible amount of experience could write a book about different clothing materials that can be combined in many ways, to get a spectacular blend of class and elegance. He or she can also write about challenges faced during the early years of starting out as a fashion designer and how those obstacles were overcame.


Let’s also not leave out the money part. In as much as you love writing, you’ve got to write a book that actually sells. No one wants to write a book that no one wants to buy. So, if it’s going to put cash in your pocket right now, if it’s going to further cement your place as the ‘go-to’ thought leader, it’s probably the right book for you.


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