Firstly, anyone who says writing is a piece of cake is definitely not a good writer.

It is true that some writers deliver quicker than others, but often times when this happens, the creativity and quality of the literary piece suffers. This would most certainly lead to distortion in the message or deficiency in proper communication with the readers or audience. Hence, the aim of writing would have be defeated.

What’s the point of creating content if your target audience cannot understand your message?

Then again, if your content is poorly structured or articulated, you can be sure no one would want to patronize you. Remember, your content determines your brand perception. Would you like people to view your brand as sloppy and incompetent? If not, then it is necessary to employ professional and experienced hands while creating brand content for public consumption.


We know it takes so much time to run researches and that it costs dearly to figure out the competency of most ghostwriting firms, which is why we decided to compile the top three ghostwriting firms in Africa, according to their level of efficiency and affordability, all of which we use at one point or the other, during our content development process.


Note, you do not want to hire just any John Snow. If you hope to hit the market real good, then you want to hire a ghostwriter with the right experience.


Here’s our list:


Jetwriters is Africa’s No.1 Content Writing & Ghostwriting Agency, whose goal is to make the writing dreams of literary enthusiasts come true in the shortest span of time possible. They are in the business of helping professionals, captains of industries, celebrities, individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders and corporate entities who want  to establish authority in their fields, get more publicity, and get discovered while telling their stories.

They offer a rare opportunity to work with teams of bestselling authors and publishers from across the globe. Their team of ghostwriters is made up of skillfully trained and punctual professionals with the right attitude and experience from various fields of expertise, thus, making it inevitably possible to offer you the best services at the nick of time.

What’s even more fascinating about their services is that they operate with various packages which you can subscribe to at any time, depending on the kind of content and audience you hope to reach. Their packages include;

  • Write Book (For businessmen, professionals and leaders who want to write a book of their own) -Ghostwriting (Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biographies, Autobiography, Memoir etc) Book Reviews and Extempore on any genre of literature.
  • Write Media (To manage their brand image)- PR services, Social Media Content, Press releases.
  • Write Biz (For business owners who needs any kind of business content to grow their business)- Business plans and proposals, Copy writing, Brochures, Emails and newsletters, Professional profiles, Website content, Sales copies for pitch desk and slides, SEO content.
  • Write Promote (For massive publicity and a wider audience reach)- Sponsored posts, Brand Publishing, E-marketing, Amazon E-book publishing.
  • Write Leaders (For leaders and speakers who have more time to speak than to write)- Content Ghostwriting, Book Ghostwriting, Transcription and E-book publishing.
  • Write Edit (Proof reading and Copy editing services) -Edited contents, Translations and Transcriptions.
  • Write Consult (For Consultation).

(visit to learn more.)



Sabi Writers, as the name goes; ‘Writers wey sabi’. They are one of Africa’s leading writing agency for entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities, & leaders who want to tell their stories and make a difference.

Just like Jetwriters they only work with the best, both in skill and attitude. Their team of ghostwriters is made up of professionals with the right attitude and experience from diverse areas of expertise who offer the best service to clients in record time.

Sabi Writers also works with six different packages;


SABI BASIC (Book writing, Editing, and Proofreading.)

SABI SME (Official documents, Projects, Brochures, Website, or Blog content.)

SABI CLASSIC (Book Ghostwriting, Book cover design, Publishing consulting.)

SABI SOCIAL (Social Media Management and Promotion.)

SABI POLITICS (Campaigns, Manifesto, Profiling, etc.)



If you are an amazing writer, you can also apply to be a Sabi Writer- (



The Ready Writers Consult was born out of the need to bridge the gap between thoughts and prints; conception and organised expression, reduce the rate of idea mortality (i.e. ideas that come to mind and filter away unwritten, unshared or unpublished); and upgrade the standards of written communication in our public space.

They are one of the best Content Writing & Editorial Professionals in Nigeria, West Africa, aiming to offer convenience to individuals and corporates by taking on their research, writing and editorial inconveniences, so that they have time to do more in their own areas of competence.

The services they render include;

  • Research
  • Content Development
  • Ghostwriting
  • Transcribing
  • Business Documents
  • Content & Copy Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Translations
  • Training & Consultancy

(You can reach them at


We hope this list helps reduce the hassle of searching for authentic ghostwriting firms in Nigeria and in Africa, when next you need content ghostwriting services. Cheers!

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